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September 9, 2022 // Your Guide to Financial Planners:

Your guide to financial planners in Calgary


Sorting out your finances is a stressful experience, and curating precise economic plans to benefit your future can quickly go awry if you’re unsure what you’re doing. This is typically where a financial planner steps in to offer their experience and academic background to help clients meticulously plan out their finances. While misconceptions about financial planners in Calgary are often more pronounced than the job, they do for the public, as many believe they solely work with affluent society members to expand their riches, comprehending what you can expect from a financial planner can ultimately service your future. 


Find out what a financial planner’s job entails, what they’re experts in, and how it can benefit you, your bank account, and your future. 


What financial planners do


Financial planners are professionals who advise their clients on their personal financial matters by utilizing their own extensive experience. A financial planner in Calgary will work closely with their clients to assist them with various elements, such as developing and revising goals, budgets, and general plans. They work diligently to ensure clients are heading toward an upward financial trajectory in terms of retirement and college planning, debt reduction, and making wise investments. More so, financial planners will monitor past and present spending habits and subsequently tailor their goals and long-term plans based on such personal financial information. 


Areas of expertise


Financial planners have a variety of areas that they are deemed experts in and will prove to be a trusted resource to anyone who needs it. The areas certified financial planners often assist clients include, but aren’t limited to, mortgage and student loan guidance, managing your retirement funds, allocating assets, estate planning, income management, expenses for long-term care, and investments. Financial planners will contribute to expanding your current finances through these various methods and minimizing debt that you have taken on in prior years. 


Seeking advice


Certain life events that impact your current financial standing will often prompt you to seek the advice of a professional financial planner, whether you anticipate making an appointment with a certified planner or not. Milestones and abrupt circumstances that will elicit a consultation with a financial planner include: 


  • When you’re approaching retirement age and want to examine your budget and savings
  • A recent marriage that will require an examination of shared funds and savings
  • A recent divorce 
  • Death in the family
  • Estate planning for yourself or an older family member
  • A desire to invest 


Even if these particular events do not arise, acquiring help from a financial planner can help procure a conducive long-term financial plan that will benefit you and your household. Further, if you’re interest or knowledge of finances, in general, is very minimal, equipping a financial planner will educate you on the most important economic areas.  




There are numerous benefits that are associated with financial planners, such as cementing a sense of security for your future. A financial planner will give you tips to supplement your income through accessible methods and will work one-on-one with you to reduce your spending habits and diminish any substantial debts you have. Such knowledge they can relay to you will make financial decisions much easier to make where you’ll be able to plan for long-term events, including your retirement, estate, and will. 


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