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October 21, 2022 // How to Find a Trusted Financial Planner:

How to find trusted financial planners in Calgary

Getting sound advice on your financial situation is vital to ascertain under a myriad of circumstances, such as planning your retirement, figuring out the finite details of your estate and will and will give you guidance on how to save your money and reduce your everyday spending. The benefits of hiring a financial planner in your life are immense. Still, questions will inevitably arise on how to find trusted financial planners in Calgary to give you the comprehensive advisement and thorough planning you need.

Find out everything you need to know about finding trusted financial planners that are tailored to your goals, needs, and circumstances.

Your specific financial needs

Before you begin to find a financial advisor, outline your own financial needs and what specifically you want to focus on. Look into your current financial standing and begin identifying any ongoing and explicit issues you want to correct, such as credit card debt, a lack of savings, building a comfortable nest egg, or wanting to invest. Without knowing what you need to focus on, you’ll have a more difficult time narrowing down what you need in a financial advisor.

Find financial planners tailored to your needs

After you have identified your financial needs and what you want to focus on, you can search for financial planners that are especially skilled in these areas. Research financial planners that will have the accreditations that you’re looking for. Generally, you can count on a certified financial planner to develop a plan tailored to your needs in the exact capacity you require.


Once you have begun to research financial planners near you that can help you with your specific financial needs, you’ll procure a set budget upon hiring a professional in this field. Most financial planners work hourly, with the rates ranging from $100 to $400 per hour, depending on their accreditations and years of experience or where they are practicing their services. Other certified financial planners offer a flat rate, where they will bundle their services in a package you can purchase, which can cost as high as $2000. These packages work best when you’re seeking to tackle a myriad of issues about your financial standing.

Research and ask questions

After configuring some aspects of your financial needs and budget, you should begin to do diligent research on financial planners around you. When you find a handful of certified planners who you believe fit the criteria you have outlined, contact them by email, phone, or visit them at their office, as most financial planners offer a free initial consultation. Before contacting them, create a set of questions you want to ask them to ensure they are the right financial planners for you and your circumstances. Your questions can revolve around their experience in handling financial situations like yours, how they tend to develop a plan, and if they are and act as fiduciaries. Their answers will indicate whether this planner is reliable, trusted, and suited to help you.

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